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Survive the zombie apocalypse the Puzzle and Survival way

Puzzle and survival is a combination of tile matching puzzle games and trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. At the start of the game, it will show you how to match the tiles: match 3 or more tiles to pick up some gear and kill zombies. Your world is not pretty with the zombies lurking around, but fortunately, you have good friends who will watch your friends. Soon, the story moves to your girlfriend Nova getting bitten by a zombie and is rapidly becoming one herself.

Dashing back to your base, your friend tells you that Nora is strong but severely injured. To cure her, your friend Dr. Fox needs antivirusine. After this, you have to complete the objectives to collect antivirusine for Nova. Tap on the notepad with an “!” to see your tasks in the storyline, and successful missions will bring you closer to having Nova back as a person. Recruit heroes to help you defeat the zombies and protect your base. 

In Puzzle and Survival, the gems are in the top right corner, and they are premium currency for you to speed up buildings and explorations. Your main currencies are food and wood, because you need people to do the work, and wood for the building. Your profile is on the top left corner, showing you your stamina and attack points. You need stamina to go out in the world to hunt for zombies, and campaigns need attack points. 

At the bottom, there is an international messaging system. You can chat by tapping on the bar, and toggle between state (the world) and your own team, the Alliance. Head here to ask for some alliance when battling stronger zombies and destroying zombie lairs. Tap on the magnifying glass to move out to the world and look for zombies, lairs, food or wood. 

Once you reach a certain level, form or join an alliance so you can help each other out to eradicate zombies. In your base, build army bases like shooters, rides and so on so you have a lot of troops to send out and retrieve resources outside your base. Another important thing to do in Puzzles & Survival is to recruit heroes. Noah Tavern is the place to go to find powerful heroes to recruit. 

Your heroes come in 3 main categories: fighter, shooter and rider, and they have a color that corresponds with a tile in the puzzle game. When you match the tiles, it charges their special ability. When the gauge is full, you can activate it. Fighters like Amber and Queenie will attack zombies. Riders will boost a stat, Doc Gray can heal while Maverick increases stats like attack boost. 

Your first few tiles matches will have to follow the tutorial’s arrow, when Nova shows you the different boosters when you match over 3 tiles together. Matching 4 tiles will give you a grenade, and 5 tiles will create a stun gun that changes the same color tiles into bullets. When you are playing campaigns as part of your quest, there are usually 3 waves of zombies per level. The first two battles are usually against 3 or 4 zombies, and the last wave features a boss with 2 normal zombies, or 2 large bosses. Defeat all of them to pass the level. 

During your puzzle match, you have a hit on the top left corner just above the zombies. The color corresponds with the circle’s color under the zombies. For example, the blue is weak against green but strong against red; when you fire blue ammo to the red zombie, it will deal more damage. You have to match the tiles underneath the zombies for the attack to count, or the bullets will shoot past an empty space. Keep your special abilities until you need it, although the gauge stops charging once it is full. Be wary that the zombie bosses also have a gauge below their life gauge, once that fills up it will launch a special attack. 

Being a commander in a post- apocalyptic world requires a lot of effort. Battling zombies and creating a new haven for humans is just another day’s work for you in Puzzles and Survivals. Share your tips and tricks in the comment area below so that more people can like the game. 

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