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Help your king to build his castle in Royal Match! 

The King needs a castle! Your first few puzzles are guided by the tutorial. The game shows you how to swipe one tile to create a line (horizontal or vertical) to create a match. A match will remove the tiles and more will drop down from the top. When you finish the level, you earn a star. Using the new star, you can build a beautiful new castle for your king. The game then teaches you ways to create power-ups by matching the tiles in a specific way. 

Royal Match has a happy background music and sound effects everytime you make a match. Before you start a level, the game shows you the goal and a small number beneath. The small number is the amount of tiles you need to pass. You can also select the boosters to start with on the board, which will unlock after you finish a few levels. 

The first 5 levels are tutorials, the game teaches you how to create a rocket, a TNT, a propeller and a light ball in each level. Rocket shoots and clears the tiles in the direction it is pointing at, you create it by matching four of the same tiles in the line. The TNT appears when you match in a L or T-shape, tapping or swiping it will blow up a two- tile radius. Get a propeller by moving and matching the tiles in a square shape, and it will fly and clear a random tile. When you match 5 tiles in a go, you get a light ball that will remove all the same-colored tiles. 

Your life count is on the main page in the center. Your gold coins are on the left side, and your stars are on the right. The stars are for you to decorate the castle once you finish building it. Home is a castle, nice and big. You can join or create a team in Royal Match, this will unlock when you reach level 20. Team mates can give you lives to play. 

In a level, the king watches you from the top as you fill the orders. The target is next to him on your left, while the amount of moves you have is on his right. The king will look happy when you meet your target, and he will also appear amazed when you make a special move. At the start, your goal may be getting colored tiles. Then you have to get plates, clear grass or collect mail, the tasks are endless.

You can choose to start the game with boosters the game has pre-chosen for you. For a hard level, you can pick between a rocket, TNT or a light bomb if you have them. You can buy them with real money, or by completing events. During a level play, your power-ups are different. You have a hammer to remove one tile, an arrow that removes 1 row of your pick, the cannon clears a column , the Jester Hat will shuffle all the tiles on the board. 

When you run out of moves and you haven’t met the target, you can choose to play on by paying gold. Tap on the red cross to refuse to play on and lose a life. You start with 5 full lives, and it refills every 30 minutes. You can ask for extra lives from your friends if you cannot wait. 

Events and tournaments in Royal Match allow you to compete with other players to see how you rank. You need to be level 25 and above to join the King’s Cup tournament, and there is a time limit. Team events will gain rewards together, so be sure to pick good teammates to win. 

Once you finish building and decorating an area of the castle, you can go to a new area by unlocking it. Each area has a different amount of tasks. Some tasks require 1 star, while some may need more. Complete levels to gain the stars so you can perform tasks for your king. As a loyal subject, Royal Match is a way to show your king that you are a good citizen. Share your tips in the comment area below so that more people will like the game. 

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