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True Skate is an excellent skating simulation you can enjoy as a skate. In True Skate, you will play the skate role, and you can imagine the experience. You can perform different tasks and follow different strategies to move safely without bothering about the complexities that will come your way. When playing it for the first time, you might find it a bit challenging, but you will master the game and have unlimited fun once you understand it. We will cover True Skate more in the following. Keep reading and understand the game before exploring it.

The gameplay is easy to follow and will not require any expertise.  When playing True  Skate, you are the skate and can use your finger to move your character. You will find the game similar to the Touchgrind series, but there will be a few differences.  As mentioned earlier, the game will appear tricky, but you can start developing your strategies soon and win the game. You have to move your finger and make magic. Once you know how to use your finger, you will love your skateboarding experience. You will feel like you are skating in a favorable environment in the real world. You can use the pause button on the top of the screen and find a suitable mission. Also, you will have different tasks, including scoring points and participating in some challenges. There will be specific goals you need to achieve in the game. You can also earn game currencies and customize your skateboard. 

Key Features of  the True Skate

True Skate will have everything to create a real-like scenario. You will enjoy every bit of the game and explore more with experience. You will love it even when playing for the first time. You can move your finger, witness success, and face all the obstacles and challenges. Here are a few features that make the game more entertaining for all levels of players.

True Skate features touch-based and realistic physics to grab the attention of all players and create a better skating experience.

You can flick the board when you want it to react based on your wishes and perform better.

You can drag the finger on the board when you want to push.

You can use slow motion and have more fun when skating.

You will have an inspiring skate park surrounded by grind rails, a bowl, and pipes (half and a quarter).

You can take part in user challenges and explore new features.

Use the relay sharing and global leaderboard features and have fun in a different setting.

Since the gameplay of True Skate is straightforward, everyone can have fun regardless of their skill levels. However, the game is a challenging skate simulation. You can only master it with practice. Speed and timing will play a determining role in your success.  Here are a few tips you can follow to have more fun.

Step One: Understand the Game

You can swipe down harder and lighter to control the height of the Ollie. You can press down your skateboard to push it down. Hold the finger down to pump on transition. Know how to move in different directions to play well. 

Step Two: Use Right Controls

You will have to be gentle when dealing with slides and swipes. Know that swiping crazy will not give you the desired speed. You can test out the swipes to know how to get full speed faster.

Step Three: Get Medals

The game will have three medals that you can win with your performance. With 100% accuracy, you can get gold currency and a silver medal by scoring between 99 and 85. However, you can earn a bronze medal when the accuracy is between 85 and 70.

What Are the Rewards?

You can earn game currencies by completing different tasks. You can use them to customize your board and make it more appealing. However, True Credit is the main game currency you can get by staying on the board consistently without stopping and crashing. You can earn more points by performing well.

True Skate can offer you an authentic finger-boarding and skating experience. You can pick up the game fast without skills, but mastering the techniques might require practice. Play the game and develop your winning strategies. 

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