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Build and army to defend your base against enemy clans and goblins in Clash of Clans

As a new chief of the clan, your people come out to offer assistance as you navigate your role around your base. The villager shows you around your sparse camp before reporting of goblin attacks. Fend off the bunch of goblins with your first cannon.Check the news and events via the little memo icon on the bottom right, next to the shop button. Your Shop button has all the options that you can buy with real money or with gold and elixirs. 

Head to the settings to switch music and sound effects on or off; you can also connect to Google Play to save your game. Build storage for your resources so you can have enough gold and elixir for buildings and upgrades. There are 3 currencies in Clash of Clans: gold from gold mines is the basic currency for most things. Elixir is the special fluid pumped from the Ley Lines underground. You use elixir to train troops and upgrade buildings. Gems are the premium currency to speed up builds.  

After the first attack, you retaliate by attacking your first goblin village. Payback is sweet and you will earn stars depending on how well your troops perform. On your main page, your level in the game is the blue bar on the top left corner. Your trophies are under your level bar, and they come and go depending on your wins. Attack goblins or other clans by tapping the bottom left icon. 

Tap on the 3 dot speech bubbles when you have clans, which you unlock when you rebuild your clan castle. Access the gray shield to see your challenges and collect rewards. Check your troop numbers and spells via the small sword and bottle icon above the attack button. On the top center of the screen, you can see how many builders you have, and if your shield is active or not. Play the challenges to earn a lime elixir to exchange for special rewards. 

Being a chief of a clan during tumultuous times can be tough for all. You need resources to train troops and strengthen your clan. When your shield is active, focus on attacking goblins to gain gold and elixir quickly. Grow your clan into a powerful force quickly, as your protection will deactivate after you reach a certain level. 

Continue to earn gold until you can build a laboratory to research and upgrade your troops. Research your spells to help your army gain the upper hand. For defense, as long as your Town Hall is safe, you can rebuild. Set traps and build walls around your town hall to stop enemies from attacking easily. Mix and match your cannons and archers because they have different speeds when attacking incoming enemies. 

There are two types of attacks you can do in Clash of Clans: Single Player or Multiplayer. Practice is mainly to see if your attack plan works. It does not contribute to your gold and elixir stores. In single player, your aim is to raid the goblin camps for resources. For multiplayer, you attack other players in the game. There is a fee to pay when launching an offensive, and usually it depends on your target’s level. Before attacking, make sure to scout where the town hall is and if it is surrounded by walls and defense systems. 

Train your armies and have a good range of troops before launching an attack. While it is tempting to aim for the town hall, make sure you remove the defenses first. To deploy, tap the type of fighters you want at the bottom of the screen before tapping on a location on the map. You cannot drop your soldiers on the areas that are shaded in red. Hold on to the picture of your fights to deploy multiple at once. Your troops will automatically move on to the next target once the building falls. 

If you see the enemy king, meet him or her with your own barbarian king. This is to help stop the enemy king from wreaking your troop numbers too soon. Share your favorite tips and tricks in the comment area below so that more people can enjoy the game. 

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