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Duck Life is a fun-filled adventure game where you have to raise and train your duck into an expert and champion racer. If you like adventure and feel like a sense of responsibility acts inside you, Duck Life is for you. It’s an interesting game that won’t make you feel bored. Duck Life is all about an amazing series of racing games that features little ducks. So, in every game, you have to train the duck to win the races. Train your duck and get on board for an epic adventure. Let’s get to know more about the game in this guide.

The Duck Life is an easy game to play and the first one in the series. Your farm was destroyed by a tornado and only a single duck egg was left behind. Therefore, you have to raise your duckling to attain peak athletic form. That way, you can earn money and rebuild your farm. You aim to train the duckling and make it eligible for racing in swimming, flying, and running. When you practice these disciplines, it helps your duck to level up. However, make sure that your duckling has enough energy to win the races. Hence, you have to feed your duck with seeds. 

Duck Life is a pretty easy game with simple gameplay and basic features. Your goal is to raise your duck and make it stronger so that it can win the final battle and put an end to the game. In the meantime, you have to win the mini-games and proceed further in the game. Listed below are the features of Duck Life.

●Highly addictive game 

●Compatible with all kinds of devices 

●An easy game without complexities 

●Compete in the races and earn coins 

●Customize your duck with different types of aesthetics

●Energetic seeds that give your duck the right energy to move forward

●Amazing mini-games to play

Knowing the objectives of a game is one thing and playing it effectively with strategies is another. So, you don’t want to miss out on that. Follow the below-mentioned steps and you can win this interesting game in no time.

Step 1 – First things first

Use the up arrow for running and jumping. Keep in mind that don’t get run over and collect coins. When it comes to flying, use the right and left arrows to guide your duckling. When it comes to swimming, you have to use the down arrow to dive and use the up arrow to make the jump. Also, use the left and right arrows to proceed further. 

Step 2 – Never forget to nourish your duck

No wonder, nourishment is important for your duck to win the mini-games and finally, win the main battle. However, you have to purchase the blue seed that comes with a much energy boost. Moreover, there are regular grains for feeding. You can feed these seeds to your duck and improve energy levels before competing in races.

Step 3 – Compete and win

When you believe that your duck is ready for a competition, you can opt for the races and earn money. Winning races help you to unlock new items and plenty of coins. 

What are the rewards?

As said, you have to train your duck to win a series of battles while ending the game in the showdown. When you start training your duck, you can experience points in the game, also called XP. Besides, you can earn coins when playing the mini-games. 

You have to earn the prize money to build your damaged farm once again that was swept away by the tornado. You earn coins by training and racing other ducks. In the later series of the game, you can use the coins to buy certain items such as hats, eggs, haircuts, seed pellets, and so on.

Duck Life is a unique and interesting game that you can consider playing. While there are not many graphics or intuitive music, the game still entertains you significantly. To win the game, all you have to do is follow simple steps and you are good to win the game in style. Apart from that, don’t forget to share your experience with other players so that they get inspiration to play this wonderful game. 

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