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Experience the fun of being a great monarch of a kingdom in the world of Evony.

Evony offers two different experiences in the game. When you first enter the world, the game wants you to select a culture. The culture has 3 bonuses, and each culture has a different perk. You start the game in a dungeon, trying to solve a puzzle for treasures. You slide the trap doors to reveal a new path that takes you to your loot. After collecting treasures for your country, you gain a general after solving your first 20 puzzles.

After collecting enough gold for a king's ransom, as well as gaining a general for your country, you return to your castle a rich king. Using the money treasures you found in the dungeons, you can build a formidable force in Evony. You have advisors who help you figure out the rules of the game.

Your country sits on a server that also houses other players from all over the world. Initially, you have a shield that protects you from being attacked by more experienced monarchs. Your first goal is to collect resources and train soldiers. You move around the kingdom by swiping on the screen to find the building that you want.

Your level is on the top left-hand corner of the game. Your resources are on the top: food, wood and stone. Gold is the normal currency for troops and upgrades, while you use diamonds to speed up processes. Your troop count is next to your icon on the top left. When you get quests, they appear below your profile. At the top right are the special events like battles. At the bottom right, the globe icon takes you to the World Map. You can see your allies and check your mail by tapping on the icon. 

At the bottom, you have another game like puzzles and running events. Your chat box is below that. You can switch that off in the settings by tapping on the 3 dotted lines. When you are in settings, switch the VIP setting and gear setting to off so your enemies cannot see your advantages. Set hiding enemy and zombie marches off so you can see them coming towards you. 

In the puzzle dungeon, you first have to slide the pins to allow your man to run towards the treasure. The man only runs one way until he hits a wall, then he will turn around to run the other way. Be sure to clear obstacles like spikes or fires with rolling balls before you let him run. 

To gain more resources and gold, complete quests. There are main quests and side quests, and to move forward in the game, the main quest is more important. Your advisors will have a question mark pop up when they want to notify you of new treasures or generals. Be sure to pay attention to them.

You have enemies and allies in Evony, so you need someone who can lead the troops into battle. There are 8 types of Generals, and the rare ones are strong but hard to come by. To use your Generals, upgrade your Keep to level 16 so you can assign them tasks, which is part of the main quest. 

Monsters or bosses will drop gear chests when defeated, revealing Monarch Gear. Wearing these gear gives you extra bonuses. Level up your troops and send your best General to go patrolling for monsters, so you can get some special tools for the game. Since each gear gives you unique skills, you have to do a wardrobe change before doing tasks like battling monsters or enemies.

The best way to play Evony is to make friends and collect things often at the start. Focus on growing your army and producing your essentials. Train Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry and Siege so you can have a powerful army when people attack you. Remember to level up your defense when you can, as once your protective shield runs out, people can attack you. 

Level up your Generals by attacking smaller cities, especially if you are having trouble finding a strong one. Scour the taverns for a rare General, and entice them to join the team. A good general will lead the team to victory. If you have any more tips to share for Evony, share in the comment area below so that more people will like the game. 

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