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If you want to destroy some bad pigs who want to steal the eggs of some birds, then it’s time to play Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. The game was developed by Rovio Entertainment, and this is a classic game of passing your idle time at home or anywhere. You have to strategize how to destroy the pig castles, and you will get more rewards. To play this game you need some expert tips and know how to play this game effectively. Let’s know more about a strategy-based puzzle video game. 

You have to face the green pigs that are hiding behind the stone, ice, and wood structures. You will have to play with the bird flocks and this was the system of the first game. In the second version, you can play with more characters, and there’s a new bird named Silver. This one can launch a two-seventy-degree bomb attack. 

In this game, your objective is to take back the eggs that the chef pig stole in an airship. Red is the leader of the birds and will team up to fight against the evil pig. The game seems easy, but you need to know if the birds are ready, to begin with, the quests. This is because the best performance will depend on the bird you have selected to destroy the pigs. Your destruction will be mapped in the game, and you will get points based on that. The more you destroy the more you can unlock the spells, get extra birds, and many more. 

The game is filled with adventures and strategy-making. Once you complete the tasks you will become the winner. Once you start to have fun destroying the pig castles, you will play this game for hours. 

The game is all about excitement and fun. You will start to play like a professional when you grasp the gameplay. Let’s read about the best features of this strategy-based puzzle video game, and you will understand the game structure. 

Get no ads while playing the game

There are no IAPs

You can call the mighty eagle to destroy the complex castles

Get 3-star levels and look for the golden eggs

You can play all eight original episodes. It’s more than 390 levels. 

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a game for revenge takers. Not in real life, but in the game world. You will become the winner of each level when you destroy the target pig castles. 

You will learn many important things and strategies from this game. Once you start with the gameplay, you can grasp the structure. Let’s take a look at the gameplay steps of this strategy-based puzzle video game. 

Step One- Take the Snaking Roads:As you go through the snaking roads, you will find your way into various towns. Every town is filled with different environments, and you may get more benefits if you use them wisely. Sometimes you may get flowers that provide level pieces. You have to find the right ways to take advantage of these added things. Similar to other games this game requires everyday login, and you will have to play for at least 20 minutes to get the materials like free gems. But this will not be enough, you may have to purchase more with real cash if you want to successfully win all the levels. 

Step Two- Use the Mighty Eagle:You will get some spells, and it replaces the Might Eagle system. You will understand the gameplay faster, and you have to keep the spells in mind. The moment you have activated the spell card, you can set it back, and if you get the free card of the spell, you must wait, because it will not lead you to the stash of spells. 

 Step Three- Find the Pigs:On every level, you will find pigs hiding in the structures, and it may become hard to find them from behind the bricks and stones. Your birds can face magic obstruction, so you need to focus on the enemies, and watch your birds doing great damage. Terrence the bird may turn into a teddy bear and bounce on the castle walls. The best way you can attack the pigs is by going under them. You can attack them from beneath, and that way the structure will come down quickly.  

When you reach the levels, you will get points and gems as rewards. Also, the golden eggs are important. When you acquire them, you will get more points.  

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a game of throwing angry birds like rocks at the pig castles. You will learn how to make strategies, and destroy those evil castles to get the golden eggs. 

You will get more points when you bring down the pig castles. Also, make sure to share your game opinions with others. Only this way, other strategy-based puzzle video game enthusiasts will grasp the game structure and they too can have the best fun playing it. 

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