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Grow your farm and your town in your own Township.

When you first enter your new town, Ernie will come to guide you. Under his guidance, you produce your first bread using the wheat that you plant and harvest on the field. All the way to your first delivery, Ernie will be there to show you the ropes. Once you name your own Town, he will let you explore yourself. You can visit him by tapping on the Friends icon on the bottom left corner. He will appear from time to time with news. 

Your town is full of greenery and trees, as well as partially built buildings around. Even though you own the land, you cannot expand until you have enough labor force. Hence, you have to increase your population, which requires gold coins and basic facilities. Your people will tell you they need a police station, fire station and a council as you level up.

When you build community buildings, your capacity grows. Your level as a Mayor is on the top left corner in the main screen, and below it is your capita of people. On the top right corner is the currency and how much you have. Gold coins are what you earn when you fill orders to your neighbors. You earn cash by achieving a goal in the game. 

Check out the news via the small envelope icon, be in the know of what is going around your town. The cross icon allows you to move your buildings and farm lands around, so you can decorate and design a good looking town for decoration events. On the settings page, switch the music and sound on or off, or connect to social media. 

At the bottom right corner are your tasks. When there is a small tick, that means you can deliver something. Fill orders to neighbors or freight it to another town for building supplies, the choice is yours. The hard hat icon opens to your buildings and decorations. The arrow attracts your attention, tap on the speech bubble to activate the process. You either gain daily gifts, reveal a new building, or check which orders are ready to go. 

As a farmer, you gain more gold coins by selling the items that you grow and make. However, your farm animals need to eat, so you also need to make feed for them. Your barn has limited space, but you can upgrade it to increase storage. It is a fine balance between filling orders and feeding your chickens and cows.

To gain more farm land so you can plant more crops, you need to increase your population. To do that, you need to attract people to your town. People like community buildings and they need houses to live in. When you are in the game, plant fast growing crops like wheat and corn so you can make cow and chicken feed. Before you finish, plant longer growing plants like sugarcane so you do not have to wait. If you need to speed things up, you can use your cash. 

The helicopter flies deliveries to the people around your town, but a train station allows you to trade for building supplies. Building supplies will let you upgrade and build new buildings. Making friends in Township to help grow your town quicker. You can help each other by giving produce or building supplies. Connect to Social Media to find out who is playing Township so you can add them into your list. 

If your storage is full, leave the crops on the land, as it will not wilt or grow bad. Focus on shipping things out and making products like bread, sugar and cheese to create space for more. You can queue items to produce, and it will take the raw material like wheat and milk. At the start of the game, you will notice that you never have enough. Do not worry as the orders have no time limit, so take your time and focus on accumulating raw material in storage. Share your tips and tricks to create a successful Township in the comment area below so that more people can like the game. 

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