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You can play Angry Birds 2 to enjoy the best bird-flinging game. You will like this version since it will have many advanced features with all the iconic characters. You will love the gameplay and can have fun with millions of players.  The game has some new additions that you can use to strengthen your character and perform well. You can collect the vampire hunt hat and explore the adventure with confidence. You can upgrade your hats, feather, and many other things. You can receive daily rewards and use them to cross all the levels and unlock new features. You can play multi-stage levels and collaborate with other players.

Angry Birds 2 is an action-packed and entertaining game. When playing it, you will have to pop all the pigs. You will find them sheltered inside the wood, stone, grass, and other objects. You can use your character and a slingshot on all levels to pop pigs and move further. When you lose all your game characters without achieving the objective, you will have to pay gems to continue in the game. Hence,  you can use all the available characters wisely to avoid such a situation. However, you will have the option to choose three characters based on your preference. All the characters will have specific powers, and you can decide after knowing their abilities. After completing one level, you will get two or three stars based on your performance.

Key Features of Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is an exciting game with many advanced features. It enables players to perform well and unlock new characters when beating every level.  You can strengthen your character and earn rewards. You can have more fun when exploring the game with your friends. Here are some features that will help you to understand this game.

You can choose the bird and put it in the slingshot to defeat the pigs.

Angry Birds 2 has multi-stage levels to enable players to make the game more challenging and fun. You can watch out for those boss pigs when exploring the game with friends.

You can participate in daily challenges and get some rewards.

You can level up birds and feathers to score high.

You can earn coins in the mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp.

You can join the clan and play with players around the world.

You can collect silly hats by participating in different themes.

You can play in a hundred levels and prove who is the best.

The gameplay of Angry Birds 2 is easy to follow and straightforward.  When playing this game, you will be moving to different towns. Observe the surroundings to play well. Here are a few tips you can consider to progress faster.

Step One: Focus on Damaging

You can focus on damage when you find it hard to move. By doing so, you can have one or two birds that you can use to play your levels safely and fast. Observe the surroundings and damage as much as possible and get higher scores.

Step Two: Avoid  Hitting the Top

When attacking pigs, you should avoid hitting their heads. They will be over structures most time. When you hit their head, they can escape. Hence, you can target the bottom to avoid such possibilities. Pay close attention and plan for surprise attacks.

Step Three: Get Benefited from Daily Quests

Angry Birds 2 has a gem system that you can use to have extra lives and cards. You should only spend your gems when necessary and save them for complex levels.  You can get gem gifts on completing some levels. You can also have them by participating in daily quests. Have more gems and use them to get lives when exploring complex tasks.

What Are the Rewards?

Angry Birds 2  has different types of rewards and bonuses. You can get gems by participating in daily quests and after completing levels. You can get a feather bonus that you use to earn extra feathers. You can also choose a jacket egg card and win many prizes. Besides, you can get black pearls, hats, and other things. You can participate in the super series event and get inspiring rewards. 

You will find Angry Birds 2 more exciting and adventurous. You can use bonuses and rewards and make fast improvements. Understand the game, play well, and have fun with your friends.

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