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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is a game developed by Klei Entertainment. The game was released in 2013 and it’s available for PC, mobile, and other devices. You will play a scientist in this game, who will embark on a journey in the wilderness. You may survive the first season in the game, which is autumn, but when the winter and summer show up, the game will become tough. If you don’t play wisely, your character may die from self-induced accidents, mob attacks, hunger, sogginess, overheating, and freezing. So, if you want to find out more about this survival video game, read the entire article. 

In Guide to Don't Starve: Pocket Edition, bees will want to sting you, mushrooms will give you a stomachache, spiders will hurt and the monsters would like to eat you. And if you survive all these things, you might die from hunger. You have to be smart from day one to survive in this terrible forest, otherwise, you won’t see the light of the next day. 

You have to be ready from the first day. You must stay well-fed, and packed with tools and weapons. Most importantly, you have to stay alive in this game. You have to pick up twigs, and branches from saplings to make an axe and a pick axe. Collect more grass, and pick up berries whenever you find them on the road. Find a place to make a camp and light a bonfire, and get to work. Try not to start fighting at the first stage of the game. Your main goal will be to run and survive the nights. So you have to run from the threats as much as possible. 

You will get to play with adventurous scenarios in Guide to Don't Starve: Pocket Edition You can become the winner of this game, and become the most capable person alive in the dangerous forest. You will find the best fun playing this survival video game. 

The game is filled with excitement and adrenaline rush. You will play this game like a pro when you understand the gameplay. Check out the best highlights of this survival video game, and you will understand the game design.

●You can explore many things, build crafts and manage the inventory

●You can tame and ride the Beefalo, build new walls, mend the fences and create signs. You can add Ewecus to this world. 

●This version has two giants Webber and Wigfrid. 

●You will start in an uncompromising world. Here you will get no help, no instructions, and no hand-holding. You will have to hunt, fight, research and survive. 

●Get a more relaxed surviving skill. 

●Get to play with 2D characters and weird creatures. 

●Get a map of the wilderness. 

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition allows you to play in the wilderness and all you have to do is to survive against all odds. You will have to survive in the game and only then you can win this game.  

You will learn the best things in this game. Once you start playing, you will understand the gameplay. Check out the steps to play this survival video game.

Step One- Check the attributes.Similar to other survival video games, you will get attributes that you have to keep in check. You will get three in this game, sanity, health, and hunger. These attributes get affected by the circumstances. To survive, you have to keep these things in good standing. 

Step Two- Gather Resources.You have to stock up on resources like flint, grass, twigs, and food in this game, as these are very important. You must gather the things to craft things and satiate hunger. The concept is similar to Minecraft, where you have to scout for survival things day and night. However, the nighttime is dangerous as the monsters are always lurking. You have to escape from the monsters as much as you can. Survival is the main thing in this game. 

Step Three- Monsters.Monsters are the real challenges in this game. You can avoid some of them, mostly it’s above your pay grade to defeat them. On the other hand, you can defeat some with your crafted weapons. You have to check your sanity, and try not to become a monster instead with the killing spree in the wilderness. You have to watch out for the attacking patterns of the animals and monsters. 

What Are the Rewards?The game gives 20XP for survival. You will get more when you keep dodging the death blows in the gameplay. 

Conclusion.Don't Starve: Pocket Edition will allow you to spend your days and nights in a dangerous forest. You will learn how to hunt, fight, research and survive until the end if you can. 

You will get XPs, and resources to survive in the wilderness. Also, don’t forget to share your gameplay experience with others. This way, other survival video game enthusiasts will understand the game techniques and they can have more fun.

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