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Become a super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Legends and become the best fighter of the universe 

Your first battle is using Goku against someone called Broly. Goku is a strong warrior who is easy to use in battle. The game teaches you how to play by indicating arrows for you to follow. Swipe on the arrow that appears, and you will find yourself flying in the air and throwing punches. Waking up with no memory, you are in a foreign place and there are three strange green creatures attacking you! As you are panicking, your instincts kick in and you start to fight the enemies.

Your fighting lesson also includes charging your Ki, your special energy so you can activate the special skill cards. Once you finish battling the 3 ugly goblins, you will start to have an existential crisis, because you struggle to remember who you were when you first woke up. You are in a strange place with red rocks stacking up on each other.

After a few moments you encounter a fellow person, you introduce yourselves. He then tells you that you are a member of the alien race, but you remember nothing except that your name is Shallot. Next, the story continues on as you practice the things you learned before against more enemies. Dragon Ball Legend is easy to learn, but hard to master. Soon, you meet more members of the game like Kirillin, and Tien. They quickly join your team to fight against enemies that pop up to attack you. 

How to Battle?When your enemy is close to you, tapping on the screen will punch the enemy that sends the enemy further. When you tap again you can tackle the enemy by closing the distance to land a punch. If you are too far away, you will launch a Ki blast, a little fireball, towards your enemy. Your enemy can easily dodge the Ki blasts if they are quick enough. How you attack depends on the distance between you and your enemy. Punches and tackles can stop the enemy’s special moves if landed correctly. 

Charge your Ki by tap and hold on the Ki gauge near your character’s health bar. Above your character’s health bar are Art Cards. The yellow blast card fires a few Ki blasts towards the enemy and pushes them backwards with each successful hit unless they are too far. The red strike card will move you towards the opponent to strike them. The green special skill has little sparks on them, and they give you a skill bonus. Use it with other art cards for a combination bonus. There are other rarer cards in the mix, but you will usually have these few. When you finish a story, you receive medals and gems as reward. Your experience points will help you level up.

To win the battle, you also have to know your defense. Your only move to avoid attacks is the side- step move. Timing is important when avoiding hits, and when you do it properly, your character will have a “!” on the head and will use a Vanishing Gauge. A perfect move is called a Vanishing Step. You can follow up by vanishing on your enemy and reappearing with an Arts Card attack. You cannot block attacks in Dragon Ball Legends, so the Vanishing Step is an important skill to master. 

You and your team charge up for an ability, there is a certain amount of taps to accumulate before you activate it. For example, when you tap 10 timer counts, Shallot will restore a little of his own health and increase damage to enemies. The main ability gauge is a small gauge next to the character’s profile. Once it is fully charged, your character will shine and you tap to activate the ability. 

While you are battling to be the best fighter in the Universe in Dragon Ball Legends, you do not remember who you are. The story in the game is about you finding your lost memories. Share your favorite parts of the story in the comment area below so that more people will like the game. 

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