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Another cheap Fortnite/PUBG copy? Not quite…

This is Garena Free Fire, and, despite its apparent derivativeness, it was a game that could hold a candle to other more popular games in the genre, such as PUBG or Fortnite. It was, In fact, it was the most clicked mobile game of 2019, which should tell you something!

It kind of helped that this title was among the first to be released on the platform following the sudden success of its bigger PC/Console competitors. Also, the difference in accessibility is too obvious to miss, as Free Fire could run on a literal potato with not so much as a stutter or gag. Naturally, it looked a tad uglier than its counterparts, but what did you really expect?

You will also come across some compromises in the physics department. Shooting in Free Fire doesn’t feel as rewarding as on PUBG. In the latter, you had to be mindful of recoil control when you fired your weapon. In Free Fire, your gun has no weight and feels too “airy”. This has the unfortunate effect of boring the player in the long run.

On the flip side, Free Fire is more rewarding in other departments, and quite literally so. It pains me to see this game being described as a pay-to-win by some people, considering all the free stuff you receive when completing missions: Gun skins, costumes, additional characters, etc.

On another note, the developers have introduced a Credit Score system that bans trolls, squeakers, and toxic individuals in order to preserve a healthy gaming environment. You could say whatever you want, but I like this feature in my games. Feel free to disagree, though!

Another impressive achievement is the way hackers have been dealt with. The moderators have done an excellent job purging the servers from these annoying threats. PUBG has suffered from a hacker issue for a long time now, and, to this day, they’re unable to learn from Garena.

Free Fire offers four main game modes: The classic Battle Royale, Clash Squad, Lone Wolf, and Craftland. My personal favorite is Clash Squad, a team deathmatch that has you playing with three other players in either the Warbringers or the Howlers team. You’d have to win four out of seven rounds to win a match, and it utilizes the same maps you traverse in the Battle Royale mode. Nonetheless, this mode is a lot more fun in comparison.

Craftland is pretty neat, too. It’s essentially a map creator similar to Fortnite Creative and you have access to advanced script editing for more freedom.

Apart from Craftland, you cannot create structures during gameplay in Free Fire like you could in Fortnite. This is probably for the better, though some people might miss this imaginative aspect of Epic Games’ classic. In this sense, Free Fire shares the same gameplay design as PUBG. You’d have to rely more on your gear and armor than on structures for personal protection. 

Regarding transportation, I miss the ability to drive water vehicles in Free Fire as I could in PUBG. Regardless, you still got plenty of cars and motorcycles to choose from, even if the variety is not as comprehensive. You probably won’t be worrying too much anyway since the maps in Garena’s are considerably smaller (as if that was any consolation!)

On the more positive side, characters in Free Fire are fairly relevant, each with a unique background and skill set. For example, Chrono, apart from sporting a very cool trenchcoat, creates a force field that blocks damage; Moco can tag enemies as she hits them thanks to her “Hacker’s Eyes”; Skyler releases a sonic wave that damages Gloo Walls and recovers HP, and so on.

A PC/Console port of Free Fire has been overdue for a very long time, and it seems there’ll be none in the near future. While this can help create a more consistent experience, I miss the versatility I get with the other games in the genre, particularly in relation to the controller/keyboard configurations. I mean, you theoretically could play with those, but it’s just not the same.

Garena Free Fire might make you miss several aspects of Fortnite or PUBG. Still, it also has unique perks and a personality of its own, distinguishing itself from the other flagships in the Battle Royale universe. If you crave a Battle Royale and only carry a budget mobile device, Free Fire might definitely save you from missing out. It also has an immense and active community (primarily Brazilians), ensuring you never play alone.

Give this one a shot, and leave us your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

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