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The game starts in the time of paisley suits, and afro hair. This is a story of a man rising from the rubble and making his name in the criminal world. San Andreas is a large urban area that has technologies and a ghetto. You will have to open the game with this city, and after that, you will get the opportunity to get to the top of the underworld. So, if you want to know more about this action-adventure game, take a look at this article. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available on Android and Apple devices. The game tells the story of Carl Johnson who left the ghetto 5 years ago and went away from Los Santos a town in San Andreas. The town is all about corruption, gangs, and drug trouble. In this place, movie stars and millionaires try to stay away from dealers and gangsters. But this is the 90s and CJ or Carl is back home, and his mother is killed, his family has almost been destroyed, and his childhood buddies are now on the path of disaster. Now CJ has to take revenge, get more justice for his family and climb to the top. The game mostly happens in Los Santos, Fierro, and Las Venturas. A corrupt police officer has money for Carl, and for that, he needs shelter, food, and healthcare. He eats a hotdog from the street vendor and that way he gets his health back. This is a cheap option, and slowly he becomes strong from the inside. You can make him fireproof and for this, a firetruck is needed. To call the truck, you have to start a fire in the ghetto, and this way you will get some cash.  

The game is filled with adventures and strategy-making. Once you complete the tasks you will become the winner. Once you start to have fun gathering the weapons and stealing cars, you will play this game for hours. 

The game is all about excitement and fun. You will start to play like a professional when you grasp the gameplay. Let’s read about the best features of this action adventure game, and you will understand the game structure. 

You will experience high-resolution graphics. Better characters and enjoy the vivid color options. 

Play this game easily on your Apple or Android phones and get a real-time gameplay experience. 

You can control the movements with a double-stick system. 

You can save the game in the cloud, and play from where you left it. 

Get three control schemes with buttons based on your needs. 

Play this game in various languages like English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, and Italian. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a game for revenge takers and becoming the criminal lord of a city. Not in real life, but in the game world. You will become the winner of the game once you become the all-conquering boss of the underworld. 

You will learn many important things and strategies from this game. Once you start with the gameplay, you can grasp the structure. Let’s take a look at the gameplay steps of this action-adventure game.

Step One- Face Difficulties:You will have difficulties acquiring weapons. This is because CJ has no money. The best way to avail a gun is to find some in the city. You will get a map and a place where you can find out the places to get a weapon. 

Step Two- Girlfriends are Trouble:Carl has two girlfriends, and you don’t have to choose from them, as he switches between them for various advantages. Katie helps him with the hospital bills, and Barbara helps him with the bail. He can always keep his weapons with him, even though he gets arrested. But sometimes CJ gets into trouble for two-timing. 

Step Three- Make Fast Money:You can make fast money when you kill drug dealers. They carry cash with them, and they have a different look. They can wear baggy pants, a hoodie with a cap, or a tank top as well. If you murder one of them, you may get $2000 from him. Killing them is easy as they work alone. 

After you have completed spraying the gang tags, you will get various weapons like AK-47, TEX 9, and many more. Also, when you complete the entire list, you may get $1444000 based on the type of car you deliver. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas tells the story of rags to riches plot. You will learn how to make strategies, and become the boss of the underworld. 

You will get weapons when you complete your tasks and money as well. Also, make sure to share your game opinions with others. Only this way, other action-adventure game enthusiasts will grasp the game structure and they too can have the best fun playing it. 

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