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You’ll be horrified once more, but by the performance issues (don’t fret, Poppy is still amazing!)

You’ll probably be discouraged just by reading that first statement, but don’t be! Perhaps I should start this review by stating some of the more positive aspects because this game is genuinely good and, dare I say, better than Chapter 1 in a plethora of ways! 

Ironically, my most considerable praise probably goes to the graphics, which are an incredible improvement over the previous chapter (and that’s saying much already!) Textures and reflections look beyond astonishing, and, despite some low-resolution assets, this is easily one of the best-looking games currently on mobile.

This time around, Huggy Wuggy takes a back seat, and the story focuses on another “less creepy” (though still scary) toy: Mommy Long Legs. She’s hardly as intimidating as Huggy, but only visually speaking. In terms of plot, she poses a more convincing threat and excels at keeping me on the edge of my seat during the entire time. She will be on your neck for the bulk of the game, which is more than I could say about Huggy Wuggy and the few minutes of relevance he was given in Chapter 1.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 naturally follows up from the first chapter. You’ll be exploring several areas in the “abandoned” Playtime Co. facilities (which are not as abandoned as you might have wished!) Poppy Playtime, the chalky-white doll you met in Chapter 1, offers to help you escape from the factory by giving you a code for the factory’s train, and the whole story unrolls from there. 

As with the first game, you make use of your Grabpack to move around the premises. Chapter 2 has more Grabpack features, but, despite this, the gameplay remains mostly the same, if only a bit improved.

You’ll also be playing much more minutes during this chapter than in the previous chapter (an estimate of easily more than two hours). Though I wish it were a bit longer, this boost in game time shows us that MOB Games is heading in the right direction. 

There’s also a lot of hidden content to discover here, which is very easy to miss out on if you rush through the game. You’ll find lots and lots of VHS tapes, and the only way to watch them is by inserting them in nearby VCR players, making you work some more to unveil the mysteries therein. This might seem like unnecessary padding, but I personally like how MOB approached this.

Apart from VHS tapes, you also have audio logs and Golden Statues. As the name suggests, Golden Statues are small collectible figurines that are nothing more than neat souvenirs. While these statues don’t exactly flesh out lore-related aspects, they make for very effective fan service.

Now, let’s address the most negative point about this game: The performance!

Seeing this game’s apparent optimization issues, I can somehow begin to understand why the previous chapter was significantly shorter. Now, mind you, this doesn’t happen at every moment of gameplay. However, the lag can get overly unbearable at key points in the playthrough, preventing me from fully immersing myself in the experience.

For some weird reason, the PC version fared even worse than the mobile one, which is an interesting twist. Nevertheless, you can expect weird 3D artifacts, flickering, and coloration glitches in this port. Some players even reported not being able to advance at one point due to an event not triggering.

The good thing is that bugs can be fixed. Sure, they’re not pleasant to look at or experience, but you can rest assured that, at some stage, the coding will be sorted out. This cannot be said about negatives concerning story, music, or artistic elements, which, fortunately, this game does not have, or at least none that I could highlight.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is a notable improvement over the previous installment, and it’s definitely one of the brightest gems in the mobile gaming scene (or, I should say, darkest!) You’d want to play Chapter 1 first to grasp the story better. Nevertheless, Chapter 2 remains firmly on the recommended list!

You can leave your feedback about this horror masterpiece in the comments down below!

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